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Modernistic Art
John Doe

Modernistic art

"I develop static and dynamic fractal artworks since 2009. I think, developing fractal artworks is the newest way of fine art and advertising graphic design too. I have 30 years of experience as a graphic designer and digital artist. I use fractals and digital technics to develope unique modern artworks.The visual impression of fractal is completely original.Modern art and graphic design charged energy throug fractals.I make static digital paintings and dynamic media artworks. "(Alexa Szlavics).


Surrealist oil paintings
Jane Helf

Surrealist oil paintings

"I've been engaged in digital mixed technics, oil painting, metal engraving, pencil drawing, and other art techniques and in studying the spiritual knowledge of ancient cultures for more than twenty years. I find inspiration in the artefacts of ancient sumerian, mexican civilizations, the vestiges of their architecture. I find ispiration of spiritual knowledge of ancient civilization and they religious traditions. My paintings are oil on canvas or canvas board. To convey harmony and vigour through colour and form is a priority for me. My artworks are symbols of freedom. My original oil paintings are framed messengers freedom of human mind and spirituality. " ( Alexa Szlavics )

You can by original oil paintings directly from artist and art prints in FAA store.


Art prints
Joshua Insanus

Art prints

All of my original artworks - oil paintings, color pencil drawings, digital paintings, engraved metal plates graphics, textured photography - purchase as canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, phone cases, framed prints, standard prints, greeting cards in custome sizes. For details, buying and ordering please, visit my art store on Fine Art America . Just click on the following image window and store opening automatically. Should you have any questions about artworks, purchase options and other, please contact me on the Contact form.

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Best Gallerie Representation

Alexa Szlavics is an artist member of the Word Artist Cataloge. The WAC is a special contemporary worldwide art catalogue for artist and art collectors. The WAC is a direct universal cataloging system that allows purchasers worldwide an easy search by name, location or price bracket.

Official artist representation of Alexa Szlavics. Alexa was approved by Europa Authentica Cultural Organization for representation. Alexa regularly participates in exhibitions and events of the association. The international jury of EACO qualified artworks of Alexa. International jury members: Tibor Szonyi, artist and president of EACO, Edward Ginsberg art critic, and Fiore Tondi art director of Fashion Italia.

Alexa Szlavics a premium artist member of Fine Art America a Professional Network for Visual Artists, Photographers, Art Collectors, and Gallery Owners. Alexa regularly participates in competitions and events of FAA community. Alexa Szlavics is an artist bussiness partner of FAA. All of her artworks can buy as a canvas print, acrilic print, framed print, postcard or phonecases in the premium member's store.

About Artist

Alexa Szlavics painter, graphic designer and fractal artist was born in Budapest, Hungary, Europe. She studied the painting and drawing technics in Budapest, Hungary and Toronto, Canada. Her first master was her father, an artist, and professor of an artschool. Alexa Szlavics lived with her parents in the most famous artcolony of Budapest 'Szazados Street'. Some of famous artcolony's artist, painters, graphic designers assisted her to study her art. In the spring of 1987 she visited New York and lived in Manhattan for a short period of time. 1987-1991 the artist lived in Toronto,Ontario,Canada.There she was a freelancer artist and graphic designer, a member of the Ontario Craft Council. Primarily the artist lives in her own art studio, the Uppland Balaton, Hungary. You can also see her paintings, artworks at some local and international art exhibitions in Hungary, Europe and Canada.Alexa Szlavics was the Featured Artist for the month of Word Artist Network USA in November, 2010. Artworks of Alexa Szlavics qualified for Agora Gallery representation - Agora Gallery Contemporary fine art gallery in Chelsea, New York art galleries district. Alexa Szlavics was approved by Europa Authentica Cultural Organization for representation. Alexa Szlavics is a member of the world's best top 10 international contemporary online art community.

s e l e c t e d - g r o u p - e x h i b i t i o n s - 1989. Del Bello Gallery Toronto, Canada. 1990. Art Masters Gallery, Toronto, Canada. 1991. Galerie Simon, Altenarh, Germany 1992. Foundation Vilmos Varga Gallery, Budakeszi, Hungary. 2003. Historical Museum of Budapest, Buda Castle Museum 2008. Opera Gallery, Budapest s e l e c t e d - s o l o - e x h i b i t i o n s - 1990. Biblioteca Ervin Szabo Island Club, Budapest, Hungary. 1997. Hotel Mercure Korona**** Budapest,Hungary. 1998. Lakeshore Gallery, Revfulop,Hungary. 2008. Art's Valley Nagyvazsony,Hungary. 2008. First New Age Festival Kehidakustany,Hungary. 2009. Hotel Silver Resort**** Balatonfured,Hungary s t u d y - t o u r s:1976 Tallin, San Petersburg, Moscow 1986 New York, USA 1986-1991 Toronto, Canada 1991 Split, Brac, Croatia 1993 Venice, Italy m e m b e r s h i p s :1988-1991-Ontario Craft Council - a r t i s t - m e m b e r - Canada 1992-1994 AUREA Art and Craft Foundation - d i r e c t o r y - c u r a t o r - Hungary 2001-2004 Artcolony of 'Szazados Street' Organization - a r t i s t - m e m b e r - Hungary 2009- Fine Art America - a r t i s t - m e m b e r - 2009- Absolute Arts worldwide art resources - a r t i s t - m e m b e r - 2012- Arts-up Art network - Hungarian Contemporary Art Community - m e m b e r -
Alexa Szlavics artworks in private collections:

E u r o p e - Belgium, England, France, Germany, Hungary

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